About us

Crow’s Nest Realty has built the strongest and most experienced team of real estate consultants and professionals in Vieques, all full time residents on the island.

Sheila Levin is a novelist and political consultant from New York City.  She has been associated with Vieques for the last 13 years, the last four as a top-selling real estate broker.

Elí Beléndez, a former commercial banker from Puerto Rico, moved to Vieques permanently in 2000.  Elí is fully bilingual and is co-owner of  The Crow’s Nest Inn.

Liz O’Dell came to Vieques by way of Marblehead, Massachusetts about 14 years ago.  She created The Crow’s Nest Inn, a very successful small inn on the island.  Liz knows, and is known by, just about everybody here, and has keen insight into the peculiarities of Vieques.