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   Welcome to Vieques, "La Isla Nena", as many people call it, a tiny island just a few miles south east of Puerto Rico. We welcome visitors and are very conscious of our local environment We are a favorite destination of "eco-tourists" the world over.
  Vieques is the home of the Bioluminescent Bay, one of the few such places left on Earth and definitely the brightest. Most such bays have been decimated by pollution and we are determined not to let the same fate befall ours. At night any stirring of the water activates trillions of luminescent micro-organisms illuminating the bay. Witnessing the event, to say the least, is a breathtaking and "other-worldly" experience. We thank you in advance for not throwing anything in the water as these little organisms can thrive only in a very fragile and pristine eco-system.
  You can reach Vieques by ferry or by small aircraft from Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. The ferryboat ride takes about an hour and only a few minutes by plane. More details on travel are included on our "How to Get Here" page.
  Until fairly recently there were few places to stay if you wanted to vacation in Vieques. You now have quite a few choices of hotels, guesthouses and villas as well as some truly world class restaurants. Prices range from economical to expensive. There are still not enough rooms available at any given time to crowd our island with tourists. With a population of under 10,000 Vieques is perhaps the last Caribbean Island left where you can still go to the beach and enjoy peaceful solitude without the throngs of screaming tourists. If a restful tropical vacation is what you seek, Vieques is for you. Be sure to book well in advance and have a wonderful time!
  On many pages of this site you will find travelers tips and reviews written by a first time traveler to the Island that you should find helpful.

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