Fall 2001 edition
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Navy, What Navy?

It's not hard to find a deserted beach in Vieques
(I Didn't Notice cont.)

    As one of the few remaining tourists, I can't say any of it upsets me much.  I have always gone to Vieques to get away from the crowds, lay under a palm tree on a deserted beach and catch up on my reading while sipping a glass of wine or walking barefoot hand in hand with my wife on the unpolluted white sand.   In this way, nothing much has changed.  If I wanted crowds I would pay exorbitant prices on some of the other Islands in the Caribbean that aren't nearly as beautiful.
     The navy is leaving the Island soon and many thousands of acres more of this beautiful Island will be available for all to enjoy.  I almost hope the publicity will keep the tourists away.   

 I Didn't Notice
by Doug Myerscough

     We didn't notice much of the political controversy on our last trip to Vieques.  For that matter, we haven't ever noticed it much.  For all the hubbub on the news that was almost nightly for a time, the reality of Vieques Island is the same as always - the only Caribbean island that has yet to be over run by tourists.  
     I do feel sorry for the local merchants who rely on the tiny tourist trade which has all but completely dried up.  Apparently, people have been afraid to travel to Vieques.   With the exception of a few protesters (who buy little to nothing from local merchants) Vieques has been deserted of late.
      With all the national news recently you would expect tanks in the streets,  daily riots with people screaming "Navy Out!" and an Armada offshore hurling missiles toward the coast.  It is nothing of the sort.

Horse Crossing

They seem to be everywhere, wild horses walking across the roads.  Be careful and drive slowly - you'll see lots of them.