Maritza's Car Rental is a native Vieques owned and Operated car rental! We care about making your trip to our home perfect.
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About Maritza's
Your place for  Jeep Wranglers or Cherokees - The best cars for Vieques!

     We know you come to Vieques to "get away from it all" and we do our part to make sure you have a well maintained, trouble free automobile for the duration of your stay.
     We are owned and operated by a Vieques Born Native who has the special love for, and knowledge of the Island that only a native can. We go out of our way to make sure you have a wonderful vacation.  If you have a problem with your car, we'll be there for you - you can always count on Maritza's.
     When you pick up your car we can help direct you to all of the points of interest, the best places to eat etc.  You'll also want to while you're on the net - everything you want to know about Vieques is there - reviews of restaurants, the best hotels, sights, travel information and links to all of the other quality websites Vieques has to offer.