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for reservations and information call 787-741-0011 or 787-741-0033

Welcome to the Island Cafe!

    Situated on a beautiful hillside overlooking the sea, Island Cafe provides the perfect atmosphere for a romantic evening.  Come enjoy the open air design and select from the finest dishes the Island has to offer.  From exotic drinks and fine wines, to the finest gourmet cuisine, Island Cafe is devoted to bringing you the very best.

The Chef's

      Island Cafe's chefs, Owen Tilley and Jason Humphries, use local spices and Island flavors to create original gourmet dishes with a Caribbean flare all their own.   Artists in every sense of the word, they are consistently creative - always searching for the next combination of flavors to excite and enchant.

The Staff

We have gone out of our way to hire only the best and most attentive staff to provide you with an evening to remember and cherish.
Come and enjoy!