Chef Micheal's - formerly Cafe Blu

     Chef Michael?s, located at the Inn On The Blue Horizon, is arguably the most elegant restaurant on Vieques Island.  Chef Michael Glatz, now in his 5th year here, not only operates, but shares ownership with two refugees from the New York fashion scene.  Here, dining is defined, and is everything you would expect from an upscale open air restaurant in the tropics
     We tried a great variety of dishes at Chef Michael's - all perfectly done and perfectly presented.  Tropical influences on popular upscale dishes and some original spice combinations that worked very well.
     I could write pages on the flavors and atmosphere but it is not necessary.  This restaurant was designed to be the very best on Vieques Island.   All things considered - it is.
     Even if you are on a budget, it is still worth spending the extra money to eat at least one meal at Chef Michael's during your trip.   If money is no object, you will want to eat here often.

Food:-------------------------------- ! ! ! !
Drink:-------------------------------- ! ! ! !
Service:----------------------------- ! ! ! !
Atmosphere:-----------------------! ! ! !
Decor:--------------------------------! ! ! !
Prices:- expensive, but worth it!

New at Chef Michael's is ?THE HORS D?OEUVRE BAR? for those looking for a less formal, less expensive way of dining at Chef Michael's.