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The  Hor d’Oeuvre  Bar
@ Chef Michaels

Where drinks are still mixed by hand, served with a smile...and most of the time a good story !

"New York's smart set and unregenerate beach junkies alike have begun to buzz about this tiny island east of Puerto Rico. The first outpost of this paradise- in- the- making, INN ON THE BLUE HORIZON, is an airy villa perched on a cliff and sporting louvered Mahogany doors, parachute silk drapes, and a sumptuous pool overlooking the Caribbean. The former pineapple plantation also includes the octagonal Hor d’Oeuvre  Bar and a superb restaurant specializing in refined island fare..."
Conde Nast Traveler Magazine December 1995

Chef Michael imports the finest items from around the world to continually provide the most delicious and unique foods and drinks.

…our menu changes often, here’s a sample of our cuisine…

Malanga Chips
with Caramelized Onion Dip  $5

Tuna Tempura Sushi Roll
with a Ginger Wasabi Pineapple Sauce  $7

Rillette of Duck Confit
on French Bread Crustades
painted with Sweet Red Pepper Coulis  $6

Fresh Canadian Mussels
steamed in a Lemon Grass Herb Butter  $8

Pomme de “Terra-cotta”
a pot full of the classic Pomme Frite
sprinkled with Coarse Salt  $5

Empanadas of Fresh Vegetables and Goat Cheese
with a Jicama Papaya Slaw  $6

Salsa and Chip Trio
Red, Yellow, and Blue Tortilla Chips with
Black Bean dip, Tomatillo Salsa,
and a Southwestern Sour Cream  $6

Garlic-roasted Frog Legs
with a Mango Barbecue Sauce  $6

Asian-inspired Calamari Steaks
crusted with Fresh Herbs and Ginger,
Coconut Curry Cream Sauce  $8