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Welcome to The Vieques Island Tour and Travel Guide - All of the tourist information you need to plan your trip to Vieques Island. Restaurant reviews, hotels, bioluminescent bay, travel information to and from the Island, Vieques photo tour and much more.

Bioluminescent Bay

The bioluminescent bay is perhaps one of the most spectacular sights on earth - come see photographs of the bio-bay and learn how to take your own bioluminescent bay photos. Whatever you do, don't miss the bay on your tour - it's the sight eco-tourists from all over the world come to the Island to see.

Hotels and Rentals

Vieques offers many other tours, scuba diving, horseback riding as well as the spectacular Quinta Jacaranda Villa - the finest rental on this Caribbean Island. Other fine Vieques rentals include the Crows Nest Guesthouse and Villa's.

Travel to Vieques is easy - no passport needed if you are an American. Hotels range in price from inexpensive to the pamperingly luxurious and 

Restaurants, Art Galleries,Shopping

This tiny Island is just off the coast of Puerto Rico and is one of the least crowded Islands in the Caribbean. If you're shopping for Island Art we have several shops and art galleries. Vieques restaurants are among the worlds finest. 

Isla Nena as it is sometimes called, is a wonderful place to take your next Caribbean Vacation. Come see what Vieques has to offer - it is truly the Enchanted Isle of Puerto Rico.

General Information
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